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Prime Permits has all of your trucking permits needs covered, whether you require oversize permits, overweight permits or superload permits. For some hauls, including superloads, extra safety precautions like pilot cars may be necessary. Our pilot cars will help you have the safest transport experience possible while also respecting your delivery schedule.

What Are Pilot Cars?

Pilot cars are pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, or cars situated in the front or rear of your truck that will help you to navigate a large load through tight traffic as they keep an eye out for potential risks, hazards, or obstacles. Pilot cars can accompany you along your cross country route in the contiguous United States.

Why Use Pilot Cars?

Everyone involved—including you, other motorists, pedestrians, and property owners—is safer when pilot cars are used. Pilot cars may be required in the states you’re traveling through, but there are other reasons why they are important:

  • Pilot car drivers can stop traffic and help to direct oversize loads through high traffic areas
  • Visible escort vehicles are a clear signal to motorists that an oversize or wide load is nearby so they can take necessary precautions
  • Pilot car drivers use their expertise to collaborate with the truck driver and with local utility companies and authorities to ensure a safe, smooth transit.
  • Pilot cars are also equipped with signs, flags, and lights, to communicate with fellow drivers. CB radio allows for quick and direct communication with the driver of the oversized load.

What Do I Need to Get for Pilot Cars?

You just need to submit your route (or work with us to plan your route) and our logistics team will take it from there. Pilot car guidelines and requirements vary from state to state, so it’s vital that you are compliant in each phase of your route. We’ll ensure that your load is transported safely and legally, no matter which state(s) you’re traveling through. We only work with pilot car drivers who are thoroughly trained and understand the risks involved with superload transport.

What Are High Pole Pilot Cars?

Oversized loads take on all shapes, and some are particularly tall. For a safer way to transport these loads, we offer high pole pilot cars. High pole pilot cars have an attached, telescopic height pole that corresponds to the height of your load. This allows escort vehicles to test bridges, traffic signals, power lines and other overhead obstacles for adequate clearance.

Our high pole-equipped pilot cars include professional-grade telescopic poles made of non-conductive materials. They are fully adjustable by a trained operator and can withstand the force of highway-speed winds. Poles are securely mounted to the pilot car via one of several mounting spots to allow for measuring from various positions. They also feature LED lights for use at night.

When Do I Need High Pole Pilot Cars?

Some states require high pole pilot cars for loads higher than 17 ft., while others stipulate that high pole pilot cars are necessary for loads over 14 ½ ft. It’s vital to ensure that your load is compliant with height restrictions in each state through which you travel. Whether it is a legal requirement or not, it’s always a good idea to include high pole cars for over-height shipments.

Why Use High Pole Pilot Cars?

High pole pilot cars are the safest and most practical way to get your tall, oversized load from point A to point B. Though we thoroughly plan your route and ensure that you have the necessary trucking permits and are compliant, individual obstacles cannot always be accounted for ahead of time. 

It takes great skill for pilot car drivers to incorporate a high pole into their service repertoire, and we take great pride in partnering with only the most capable and experienced pilot car drivers. Some companies opt for using electronic measuring devices, but we feel that a high pole provides the clearest, most secure level of accuracy. Additional replacement parts—like an extra high pole, striker tip, clamps, brackets, or other hardware—are also kept in the vehicle as a backup.

Choose Prime Permits for Pilot Cars

Whether you need front, rear, or both types of pilot cars, we can deliver. If your load requires truck escorts or you have questions about our high pole pilot car service, please reach out to our team at Prime Permits today!