Superload Trucking Permits

Hauling a load of any size across the country means traveling through several states, and even bordering states can have their own distinct weight and size regulations. Prime Permits makes sure that whatever regulations and requirements you encounter, you have the trucking permits needed to get your cargo to its destination on time.

What Is a Superload?

Similar to overweight loads and oversize loads, a superload is over-dimensional by width, length, height, and/or weight. The difference is that a superload is a particularly massive haul that exceeds a state’s routine permit limits by a huge margin. Common examples of superloads include extremely heavy and/or large equipment like cranes, containers, building components, and structures.

When Do I Need a Superload Permit?

Every state sets its own guidelines for what qualifies as a superload, so there is no clear average number. It’s vital to know what each state on your route requires. What remains the same is that a superload is always non-divisible, so it cannot be broken into smaller units that would meet standard size requirements. 

What Is the Difference Between Oversize Loads and Superloads?

Superload permits can take time to obtain and require more scrutiny than oversize hauling permits. Below are some key differences between the two:

  • LONGER LEAD TIME. Lead time on a superload haul can be as little as a few weeks or months, but could entail planning for up to a year or more.
  • MORE ASSETS. Superload permits often include more moving parts and more people than oversize permits.
  • EXTRA SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. These could include:
    • Truck escort vehicles, flag persons, and/or pilot cars
    • Engineering and route surveys 
    • Infrastructure analysis
    • Moving utilities
    • Shipper’s letter and/or a sketch of the shipment

The entire process typically presents more logistical and procedural challenges than a standard oversize or overweight load would. Partnering with a permitting pro is your best bet to moving smoothly through the paperwork and potential red tape. 

Call on Prime Permits

Prime Permits is here to simplify the permitting process while helping trucking companies stay within budget. We work with clients across industries and offer online trucking permits services for oversize hauling permits, overweight trucking permits, wideload, superload and over-dimensional trucking permits. Prime Permits can obtain superload permits for any of the contiguous 48 states.

Visit our permit portal to view current permits, peruse order history, and check on requested permit status. If you have an upcoming load to move and you’d like to discuss routes and requirements, please get in touch with us – we are here to help.